Choose Comfortable Retirement Living in Croydon for Your Golden Years

comfortable retirement living in Croydon Make the best of your Golden Years at our facility for comfortable retirement living in Croydon. For older people, choosing a safe, comfortable and caring environment, where they can be assured of getting support, care and companionship is important. The later stages of life bring gradual changes and issues like vision, mobility, and psychological changes. These are natural outcomes in older people. You are more than welcome to pay us a visit and have a look at all that is on offer. We think you will be delighted at the accommodation, the social areas, dining facilities, as well as the expert care. Take a tour of our facilities, and we will be glad to answer any of your questions too.

We offer different options according to your needs. In Croydon, comfortable retirement living can be chosen after a visit to our facilities. We also offer short-term accommodation, for example, when you need to recover from an operation. While you are here, you will be able to check the different facilities for yourself before you make your final decision. We offer different types of accommodation, and these are based on your needs, preferences as well as your budget. Our apartment suites, both the Chatsworth Studio and the Lyme, are tastefully designed and purpose-built keeping the resident profile in mind.

By choosing comfortable retirement living in Croydon, you are choosing fun times with friends, outings, evenings out to the theatre or a concert, dinner or lunch in the nearby towns and also having your own friends and family over to spend time with you. If you are interested in comfortable retirement living and would like to know more about our facilities, contact Dystlegh Grange. We are also proud of our care and commitment to our residents, and this is evident in the way in which our highly qualified staff performs their duties. Our menu is another aspect of which we are proud. All the meals are freshly prepared by our chefs, offering fresh, nutritious and tasty meals. Our team can cater for special diets and can provide you with your favourite brands.

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