Peace of Mind with Top Quality Assisted Living Facilities in Wilmslow

Assisted Living Facilities in WilmslowIf you are looking for assisted living facilities in Wilmslow, we invite you to visit us at Dystlegh Grange. Choosing a new home can be daunting, and choosing a retirement home equally so. Why not pay us a visit? We believe that you will enjoy touring our facility. When you are here, you will be able to view our accommodation, see the dining hall and enjoy the ambience of the surroundings. We were once the “nineteenth hole” of the local Golf Club, and since the early 1980’s, we have brought our facility to life and transformed through a programme of imaginative re-design and development.

Choose a secure and happy way of life. In Wilmslow, assisted living facilities include a choice of 2 types of accommodation. The first option is the Lyme Apartment, and the second is the Chatsworth Open Plan Studio. Each suite differs in size, with some suitable for couples, and each has its own balcony or patio. Our aim is to help you to live as independently as you wish, consistent with your individual needs. We offer 2 options for care and support. This includes accommodation which is fully furnished. However, most people choose to bring their own favourite items. It also includes laundry services as well as regular cleaning of the unit. Option 2 includes the many benefits of option 1, including enhanced care and support.  We also think you will be impressed by our dining hall. All the meals we serve are prepared daily from fresh, nutritious ingredients.

Assisted living facilities in Wilmslow mean peace of mind. You are also welcome to stay at our facility for a short term. If you need to recover from an injury or operation, or for a short holiday, you will be well cared for in a happy and secure environment. For more details about our assisted living facilities, contact Dystlegh Grange today. We take great pride in our excellent services, and our highly qualified and experienced staff. We also work closely with the local G.P’s. and Community Nursing Services, and assist in obtaining all other N.H.S. services.

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