Retirement Living in Stockport

Retirement Living in StockportLooking for retirement living in Stockport for a parent or loved one can be challenging. You want to make sure they will be treated well and provided for. If they need assisted living care, the options are narrowed down even further. Where can you find the perfect retirement home for your elderly loved one? The answer may be found in the tranquil, luxury estate of Dystlegh Grange. Here we provide a comfortable, enjoyable space for retired men and women with top quality care and support.

At Dystlegh Grange in Stockport, retirement living can offer a renewed sense of independence combined with the relaxing feeling of a permanent holiday. The wonderful community in our estate has also seen many new friendships blossom, and our dining halls, living rooms and frequent events provide ample opportunities for socialising. Quiet private time is also plentiful as the individual apartments offer solitude and a personal haven. The apartments are well-equipped for independent living, including kitchen facilities if a person prefers to eat in the company of one. There are also apartment suites for two, so retiring couples can be together as they were at home. Beloved pets are welcome to move in with your loved one too. Friends and family of our residents are always welcome visitors here, and can stay the night and join us in the dining hall too.

An important aspect to consider with retirement living in Stockport is the care and support structure of the estate. We offer the highest levels of retirement living quality and care, including assisted living services and medical care. With the exception of hospital care, we are fully qualified to assist with medication administrations, mobility assistance, rehabilitation, End of Life Care and more. We work closely with local GPs and all the benefits of the NHS are available at the Grange. We strive to offer healthy living in all that we do. Contact Dystlegh Grange for comfortable, enjoyable retirement living. You are welcome to book your loved one for a short visit for them to get a feel for the place before making a commitment as well.

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