Assisted Living Facilities in Wilmslow

assisted living facilities in WilmslowWhen it is time to find assisted living facilities in Wilmslow for a loved one, visit several facilities and get a feel for how they are run. If people seem happy and content, this is a good indicator. It is important that the facility is clean and has regular activities for residents. Outings to shopping malls and movies are a great way for older people to stay active. Look at their dining room and get an idea of the types of food served. If possible, ask residents how they feel about the facility.

You want the best for your family member. In Wilmslow, assisted living facilities at Dystlegh Grange have received very high ratings. In December 2016, we proudly received an outstanding rating from the quality Care Commission! Our facility offers many ways residents can enjoy the company of their neighbours. There are scheduled outings, in-house events, and an active dining room for socialising. We want you to live as independently as you would like to. Our goal is to make sure you create your own home here, where you can enjoy a comfortable and secure lifestyle. We have two different types of accommodation on offer – the Chatsworth Open Plan Studio and the Lyme Apartment. Each has been thoughtfully designed and is individual in style and character. Should you wish, you are welcome to bring your own furniture or have us furnish your residence. Utilities are included in the total cost, with your own temperature controls. Both laundry housekeeping services are provided.

When you select assisted living facilities in Wilmslow, think of Dystlegh Grange first. Contact us and schedule a tour of our assisted living facilities. We provide various levels of health monitoring and support plans, and these are selected according to what is most suitable to you. Telephone, Sky TV and Broadband connections are available in the individual suites. Your loved one’s comfort and security is our primary goal.

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