Comfortable Retirement in Alderley Edge

Comfortable Retirement in Alderley EdgeLook for an assisted-living community for comfortable retirement in Alderley Edge if your elderly aunt requires assistance with daily chores. If your elderly aunt is struggling with her health, losing interest in socialising and finds it difficult to maintain the home, perhaps it is time to consider retirement living. Moving to a new home is always difficult, regardless of one’s age. One is settled and comfortable in their home, no matter how difficult the living conditions have become.

For seniors in Alderley Edge, comfortable retirement should include not having to worry about housekeeping and preparing meals. It would be ideal to live in a community among like-minded people with similar interests. At Dystlegh Grange, we offer affordable comfortable retirement living facilities that are a home away from home. Our accommodation is available in two different types of suites, the Lyme Apartment and the Chatsworth open plan studio. Both have been designed with an emphasis on attention to detail, to provide a comfortable home to call one’s own. All of the suites are different in size and in cost. Each suite has its own balcony and patio, while some of them are suitable for couples.

Comfortable retirement in Alderley Edge includes choosing the level of support and care as our residents need. We provide laundry services and housekeeping and this is offered according to one’s requirements. Contact Dystlegh Grange for more about our comfortable retirement options. Our dining room is a great place to have deliciously prepared meals. The meal can be chosen from the Daily menu or the Larder menu, both of which reflects preferences and suggestions, as well as an excellent range of alternatives. Many of our residents enjoy the social aspect of dining together, and enjoy the time spent together in a comfortable happy atmosphere.

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