Assisted Living in Marple

Assisted Living in MarpleAssisted living in Marple can be a whole new way of life for a retired person. When you retire you are not receiving the stimulation you previously had at work.  Social engagements become few and far between. Moving to an assisted living complex give a whole new lease on life. The residents are all more mature with similar outlooks on life. You will meet people from all walks of life with many interesting experiences and make wonderful new friends. It will be up to you to choose how much you wish to socialise. There are many quiet nooks in the beautiful and serene gardens where one can sit and read or just enjoy the fresh air. You can cook your own meals if you wish or eat the delicious meals provided by the staff.

If you need a little help in later life in Marple, assisted living gives you the independence to carry on enjoying life. If you are already infirm or recovering from an operation the very experienced staff are here to assist you in any way you choose. You will not feel obliged to do anything you do not wish to take part in. You can have your own telephone and can have guests stay over with you. The guests are welcome to dine with you either in your home or in the dining room. You may have pets in your apartment which is so very important to everyone’s well-being. The suites are cleaned for you and your laundry is done by the staff. There are doctors’ surgeries close at hand and if you are not able to drive there yourself we have a very comfortable vehicle to take you to the doctor, as well as to do whatever shopping you need to do.

Assisted living in Marple is comfortable. Contact Dystlegh Grange today to find out more about our assisted living facilities. You can arrange a stay in one of our suites to see if this is what you need. Some suites are suitable for couples and you can bring your own furniture if you wish.

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