Assisted Living Facilities in Poynton

Assisted living facilities in PoyntonAssisted living facilities in Poynton are a necessary and very pleasant fact of modern life. Gone are the days where the extended generations lived together. With limited space many families cannot accommodate their parents or grandparents and the older generation does not want to burden their children with their care. Assisted living facilities are the best and most comfortable way for the older person to live. Friends of their own generation are close by to spend time playing card games or scrabble. Suites are available for couples as well as singles.

In Poynton, assisted living facilities offer you a way to enjoy your life and find new interests. Our suites are fully furnished but many people like to bring some of their treasured possessions with them. Our competent and highly trained staff will assist with weekly chores like washing and ironing, and housekeeping will clean your unit once a week. Meals are provided or we can supply the ingredients for breakfast and you can cater for yourself. A friendly visit once a day will make sure that you are well and happy. Should you be ill the professional staff will organise your visit to the GP or NHS facility. Tours can be arranged and we provide a service for accompanied support should you wish to go shopping or visit the garden centre.

Assisted living facilities in Poynton put the fun back into living. All building and garden maintenance and utilities are included and there is a variety of television channels to be viewed as well as broadband in your own suite and in some of the community areas. If you like your quiet time and would rather limit your social life there are many places to enjoy the surroundings and gardens in peace. If you want to have a chat and get to know your neighbours then there are community areas for socialising whenever you wish. For more information about assisted living facilities, contact Dystlegh Grange.

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