Assisted Living in Alderley Edge

Assisted living in Alderley EdgeAssisted living in Alderley Edge is an affordable and rewarding way to live. Your present home is possibly far too big for you. You may be prone to certain medical problems and need a helping hand. A suite at Dystlegh Grange would be the perfect solution to all your problems. Situated in the most beautiful gardens, this peaceful and comfortable establishment is available as a permanent residence or for a short period of time as a convalescence from an operation or illness. There are two types of suites available. The Lyme apartment and the Chatsworth open plan studio, both vary in size and cost. Each suite has its own balcony or patio and some are suitable for couples. The suites are sunny and bright with beautiful furniture supplied although some residents bring their own precious possessions with them.

In Alderley Edge, assisted living can make a huge difference for people who are infirm or need help. Their staff are highly qualified and experienced and have an outstanding reputation for care and support by making the residents comfortable and only offering enough help as is needed or wanted. Refreshments, including a choice of hot beverages, fresh fruit and snacks are available throughout the day, either to be taken in your suite or in one of the many cosy nooks situated around the Grange. Your guests are welcome to stay with you for a visit at a nominal charge. They can also enjoy the same delicious meals and snacks with you. The rooms are serviced by housekeeping and your bed linen is laundered once a week and towels are available on request. There is a laundry and ironing room for you to use for your clothing.

Assisted living in Alderley Edge has a second option which offers further benefits. You can have daily housekeeping, cleaning and breakfast served in your own suite with a selection of beverages served throughout the day and night. Qualified, caring personnel are on hand at all times to help with bathing, mobility and emotional support. If you require more information about assisted living options, contact Dystlegh Grange.

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