The Best Retirement Home in Cheshire for Your Golden Years

Retirement Home in Cheshire Solve the problems of ageing at the most pleasant retirement home in Cheshire. Spend your Golden Years in the company of like-minded people at Dystlegh Grange Retirement Living. Located in the charming village of Disley, south of Stockport, Dystlegh Grange is a well-maintained property. This semi-rural area is well connected to the busy urban hubs of Manchester, Preston, and Blackpool. Our retirement home takes its name from the original name of Disley village, which was “Dystiglegh.” This was an Anglo-Saxon word that meant “wood/clearing by a mound.” Its history goes back to the period of Edward I in the 13th century. Several notable figures and celebrities were born in Disley village.

We have created a modern, dwelling space for seniors to enjoy a well-earned time of peace and rest. In Cheshire, retirement home facilities at Dystlegh Grange follow the best practices in this sector. We match international standards of care and services. We enjoy the highest reputation for care, support and the quality of our staff. Our long-established team provides top quality services, stemming from their inherent skills, training and experience. We don’t compromise on the safety, care and comfort of our valued clients. Our centre offers a range of living options to suit your requirements. You can opt for any level of independence and corresponding services that match your unique needs.

Apart from hospital care, we are geared to provide End Of Life and Lifetime Care to the best standards. In case of decline of mobility, memory loss, the best retirement home in Cheshire can care for you in the privacy of your own dwelling. We work in close contact with the local medical and nursing resources and also access NHS services. Contact Dystlegh Grange today for more details about our retirement home. You can choose between individual fully furnished apartments. You can bring your own furniture to make you feel more at home.  If you’d like to come to us for a spell of post-operative care or convalescence, we welcome you. You can also come to us for holidays or short stays. The fees are charged according to choice of accommodation and service. You can also bring your pet if you have one.

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