Assisted Living Facilities in Marple

assisted living facilities in MarpleWhen most people think of assisted living facilities in Marple, they probably think that it’s a lonely place, no attention is given to the residents of the homes, or that the people taking care of them are not up standard. However, Dystlegh Grange breaks all these stereotypical images by offering great services where the residents feel welcomed and well looked after. The people who work there are warm, helpful and always at the assistance of the residents should they need it. In fact, to make sure that the residents fit it without any glitches, they are welcome to stay for a trial period.

In Marple, assisted living facilities should be considered at Dystlegh Grange. The retirement house receives lots of visitors and when one son came looking for a good place for his elderly father, he was quite impressed with the services and the staff members of Dystlegh Grange. The retirement house has everything in place to take care of people who are bedridden or require constant attention. On top of that, if the resident requires end of life care, then Dystlegh Grange is a wonderful place since they not only offer these services but they are also connected to the local GPs and they have a transport to the hospital should the resident need to go to doctor’s appointments and so on. Regarding the types of accommodation, there are different types of accommodation which are offered and there are suites big enough for couples who want to move in with the retirement home care. Moreover, Dystlegh Grange will make all breakfast arrangements including the resident’s favourite drinks every morning.

If you are looking for assisted living facilities in Marple, do not hesitate to come visit the place. It’s in a perfect location; residents can go and check the local markets, they are encouraged to practice their favourite hobbies which may include cooking, music and so on. The staff members are trained to provide care to the residents and those who require constant attention. For more information about assisted living, do not hesitate to contact Dystegh Grange.

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