Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help and will do our best to help you make the right decision about your future. We are often asked questions in relation to coming to live at Dystlegh Grange…..


~ What is the Grange? Is it “Sheltered Flats”, a “Residential Care Home” or a “Nursing Home”?

Although officially classified as a “Residential Care Home”, the Retirement Care Suites at Dystlegh Grange are “individual homes with support always at hand”. The accommodation consists of Apartment or Bedsitting Suites. The combined appeal of the support, accommodation and companionship also attracts people for holidays or Post-Operative Convalescence.


~ Is a Suite at the Grange the right place for me?

Look at all of your options, maybe a suite at the Grange is for you. We recommend that you come for a short stay before making any arrangements about moving home.


~ What are Support Options?

These are a means for you to control the range, manner and cost of support. Your own expectations, needs and preferences determine the option you should go for. In principle, the less support requested or expected, the less the cost. Very rarely does the chosen Option change but for peace of mind the Option can be secured in your Tenancy Agreement. Advice and assistance in interpreting these Options is available when considering your choices.


~ What are the costs?

Fees are directly related to:-

  • The suite you chose
  • The support Option you have chosen

Accommodation, personal care and dining costs are all included. Other than personal items such as newspapers, hairdressing, private chiropody etc, no extra costs are involved. the Grange offers truly excellent value for money. However, it is appreciated that over the years fees add up to a substantial amount. With this in mind, Dystlegh Grange offers a method of protecting a significant part of your savings. Details of this scheme are available on request.


~ What arrangements will be made in relation to my Doctor, Medication, my personal healthcare and needs and a telephone etc?

Unless you are moving out of your normal area, we presume that you will remain under your own Doctor. There are 3 well regarded local GP’s surgeries to chose from if you did wish to change Doctors. All the benefits of the NHS are available to everyone living at the Grange. We are also on hand to assist you with all of your medication and have wide knowledge and can offer support in this area. The organisation and quality of the care services at Dystlegh Grange are nationally recognised and we always strive to assist someone in achieving the best health they can achieve. All suites have a telephone line installed and you can be connected to BT, with your very own telephone number, if you wish.


~ Can I smoke at Dystlegh Grange?

From the 1st July 2007 it became against the law to smoke in all public areas. This includes the public areas within Dystlegh Grange. We are committed to providing a smoke free working environment in the public areas and for our staff. Smoking is reserved for outside of the Grange. Residents who chose to smoke in their own suites are asked to be considerate of others and not smoke whilst members of staff are in their suites.


~ Can I have a Pet at The Grange?

Yes you can!


~ What do I do about my shopping and getting out and about?

We have a very comfortable car at the Grange and there is always someone on hand to enable you to get out and about.


~ Can people stay with me over-night?

Yes they can! Your guests are always more than welcome at the Grange  – they can even dine with you and enjoy the great food provided here!


~ How do I do my laundry?

Although a laundry services is included in the costs (with the exception of dry-cleaning), some people enjoy doing their own personal laundry or prefer family to attend to it.


~ I am very religious. How can I practice worship at the Grange?

Many people continue with their own arrangements however, an Anglican Communion is arranged on the last Thursday of every month. Other arrangements can easily be made.


~ Once I move into the Grange, can I bring my own furnishings from my own home?

Of course you can! All suites are fully furnished but many people prefer to furnish (or part furnish) their suite. Your own furniture, pictures, ornaments and personal artefacts are all welcome.


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