Choose Safe, Happy and Comfortable Retirement in Alderley Edge

Comfortable Retirement in Alderley EdgeEnjoy stress-free, healthy, supported and comfortable retirement in Alderley Edge at our facility. Dystlegh Grange is a purpose-designed, functional, yet aesthetically charming place to spend your Golden Years. You deserve a joyful and safe lifestyle after all the hard work and effort you’ve put in over the years. This is the time to pursue hobbies, spend time with like-minded people of your age, travel, get the right medical assistance and nutrition without worrying about logistics and transportation. In our retirement community, you are free to be as independent as you wish, retain your dignity and privacy.

We have a selection of suites comprising the Lyme Apartments and Chatsworth Open Plan Studio, all of which vary in size. In Alderley Edge, comfortable retirement is the dream of many senior citizens. Whether they’re single or have families, there’s a point at which people want independent living options. We have thoughtfully constructed neighbourhood and social areas where you can spend time with your personal guests, family or visitors. Each one has its own balcony or patio, and some of them are designed for couples. A charming green courtyard nestles in the midst of these stylish, elegant living areas and can be viewed on our website. You can select the one that most suits your lifestyle, needs and budget. Retirement can be an exciting and interesting time of transitioning into a new phase of life.

When selecting a place for comfortable retirement in Alderley Edge, it’s important to analyse your own needs, lifestyle, health status and preferences. Most people would like a home-like, friendly, caring ambiance, compassionate, trustworthy and well-trained staff, flexibility in terms of routine, personalised medical assistance, nutritious, well-cooked and freshly prepared meals and a continuance of your own living standards. Look at socialisation opportunities, healthcare and amenities that are available for seniors. It is important to think of your current situation, but also to plan ahead for your future needs. Contact Dystlegh Grange for more information about our facilities. Our facility ticks all the right boxes. You can choose to come to us for short stays with a group of friends or family, following a surgery or to convalesce after an illness.

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