Assisted Living Facilities in Sutton for a Comfortable Retirement

Assisted Living Facilities in Sutton Dystlegh Grange has the best assisted living facilities in Sutton! Retirement living needs and expectations, the simple things that that we take for granted are what concerns most people when moving to an assisted living facility. Am I going into a nursing home, a residential home or is it an old age home? What will my support options be?  Will the medical facilities be adequate? How will my health care needs be met? Will I have my home just the way I like? Can I have visitors over? At Dystlegh Grange have the answers to all your queries. We provide, in a way, the best of many worlds. You can take your time to decide how and why Dystlegh Grange could suit your needs, preferences and budget. And that you will never have to regret your decision!

For our clients in Sutton, assisted living facilities here and in the surrounding areas can be easily availed of at the Grange. Our retirement care units are individual homes with comfort, care and companionship. The apartments or bed-sitting suites are matched to individual needs and tastes. They can be customised depending on the kind of support, living facilities and medical care that one is looking for. As a general rule, costs are determined by the choice of accommodation and support options selected. What better way to get to know it than to test it out for yourself? We suggest you come and get a taste of what we have on offer personally.  Pay us a visit, make a trial stay to satisfy yourself before you make a choice.

Dystlegh Grange’s assisted living facilities in Sutton have been very carefully designed with great attention to detail, keeping in mind the practicality, aesthetics and conveniences that comprise the key objectives of our services. For further details, please feel free to contact us. Our living units are suited to house couples or singles and are thoughtfully designed. Social areas include sitting and dining areas which sport cluster seating in cosy alcoves.  Stylish interiors, world-class amenities in accordance with N.H.S regulations are incorporated into designing this space. Exceptional medical aid is available in collaboration with local G.P’s and community nursing services.

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