Comfortable Retirement in Wilmslow That Meets All Your Requirements

Comfortable Retirement in Wilmslow Comfortable retirement in Wilmslow is one of the best ways to enhance the quality of your life. The town is the perfect blend of natural environments and lively yet tranquil people. We offer peaceful relaxed settings as well as a wide variety of programs that boost the activity levels of those interested. We offer two types of accommodation that leverage the bright sunshine and natural views around the property. Each accommodation is designed to enhance your mood and offer easy living options. We also have suites designed for couples if you would like to move in with your spouse.

Various studies on the quality of life and advancements in health care provision, support the establishment of retirement communities. In Wilmslow, comfortable retirement can revitalise your outlook on life. It can be challenging and lonely fending for yourself if your kids have moved away. At our centre, you will be in the company of your peers. You can make new friends and will always have people around you to talk to. Also, you will not need to worry about doing the groceries or making your meals. Our highly qualified staff will have that covered. We receive fresh fruit and vegetables every day and have excellent chefs on staff to prepare your meals. This applies even if you are on a special diet.

As the former “nineteenth hole” of the local Golf Club, you cannot find a more comfortable retirement in Wilmslow. Since it was established in the 1980s, our centre has been evolving to meet all the needs our residents could imagine. We have options for long term or short-term stay after a medical procedure or any other reason. We also have three GP surgeries in the vicinity equipped with highly qualified doctors ready to attend to any emergency. You are welcome to move in with any pet you wish. You can also have friends and family visit whenever you want. Our facility is simply an extension of your home. Contact Dystlegh Grange today if you need more information about our facility. Our staff is friendly, professional and very welcoming. You will find that ours is one of the most flexible retirement facilities in the North West.

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