Comfortable Retirement Living in Marple

 Comfortable Retirement Living in MarplePlan ahead for comfortable retirement living in Marple at Dystlegh Grange. Managing the enormous changes that aging brings can be a challenge and making important decisions allows the transitions to be smoother and stress-free for you and your loved ones. Most of us tend to focus on ensuring financial security and independence because we assume that these aspects are the most important features of a comfortable old age. No doubt they are, but the practical aspects of living alone, in a large house that was once a bustling family home, not designed to accommodate your changed physical and mental capabilities have to be considered too. At Dystlegh Grange we provide you with a range of options that can help you to deal with these life changes. For instance, if you’d like to stay at our facilities for short periods of time, or while you recover from surgery or an illness, we are glad to welcome you.

For you retirement years in Marple, comfortable retirement living doesn’t mean you have to give up on the things you enjoy and love. Here you can continue your concert and theatre outings, enjoy a dinner or lunch out with friends, go shopping, on tours, travel, take in a movie or an evening at the pub. What sets us apart from similar facilities is our meticulous attention to detail. We ensure that each and every member of our staff is well-trained, selected for their personality type, is friendly, warm and compassionate. Additionally, we also believe that your dignity and sense of independence have to be respected and supported.

If you’d like to know more about comfortable retirement living in Marple, contact Dystlegh Grange today. All the available options are listed out clearly. We create a safe and comfortable environment in which you can live as independently as you like and opt for assistance only when you feel the need for it. In terms of medical support, we work in close collaboration with qualified and experienced local GP’s and community nursing services. All the necessary NHS services you’re entitled to are within easy access.

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