Senior Retirement Living in Poynton

Senior Retirement Living in PoyntonWe offer some of the most comfortable senior retirement living in Poynton and this could be the very best move you ever make.  We cater for couples and single people with our various accommodation options.  We have different sizes of suites to suit your budget. All suites have a balcony or a patio to allow you to enjoy the balmy summer days outdoors. Our gardens and walks lead to cosy nooks and provide exercise and sheer enjoyment of our lovely gardens throughout the year.  We offer as much or as little aid as you are comfortable with or need. If you are still healthy and independent you may not want to make use of our dining or care facilities yet.  You are welcome to entertain family and friends and even have guest to stay over.  Dystlegh Grange is your home and you will feel comfortable and content in your new residence.

If you want to down size your home after you retire in Poynton, senior retirement living can offer you a new start in life. The greatest benefit of this retirement accommodation is if you become less independent as time goes on there are the very best qualified staff to assist wherever necessary.  Laundry is done for you and if you can no longer cook your own meals there is a splendid dining area where meals are served.  Tea and coffee can be made in your suite or taken in the conservatories or social areas.  You will make new friends and meet many interesting people if you wish. If you want solitude there are many quiet areas where you can relax. Everything is done at a pace of your own choosing.

Consider senior retirement living in Poynton as it is the safe and secure way to enjoy your retirement.  Contact Dystlegh Grange today and arrange to visit us.  You are welcome to stay over and see how much you enjoy yourself.  We also cater for people recovering from operations who need temporary care until they are once again independent. We offer a number of care and support options depending on how fit and independent you are. If you need help to cope with various daily tasks we have wonderful care staff that will be there to aid you in any way they can.

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