Senior Living Communities in Woodford

Senior Living Communities in WoodfordSenior living communities in Woodford should be chosen with care. It can be a difficult decision to leave the home you have spent your adult life and move to a retirement home. It can also be difficult for a child to convince his parent that it is perhaps the time to consider such a move. Perhaps your parent has become more dependent on you for man chores that he is no longer able to complete without assistance. If he has been ill, and is still convalescing, it also may be a wise decision to move to a retirement home.

We understand the turmoil that can be involved in the decision to move away from the home you love. That is why, in Woodford, senior living communities are designed to offer comfortable, secure and pleasant accommodation without the challenges faced in your own home. Our accommodation is specially designed, and each suite is individual in character and style. You can choose from two different suites – the Lyme Apartment and the Chatsworth Open Plan Studio. Each varies in cost and size, and each has its own balcony or patio. There are many opportunities at Dystlegh Grange to enjoy both the company of the other residents, and to follow your own interests. Our main aim is to support you in creating and maintaining your own home, a place where you are comfortable, secure and cared for. Our dining room is a happy gathering place where friends meet, not only to enjoy the fabulous food on offer, but each other’s company and friendship. We have a talented team of chefs who enjoy nothing more than creating mouth-watering and nutritious meals for our residents. All our food is sourced from suppliers providing top quality produce.

Senior living communities in Woodford promote independent living. When you choose to live at Dystlegh Grange, you are choosing a comfortable, secure and happy living environment. Our aim is to help you live as independently as you wish, consistent with your individual needs. For more information, contact Dystlegh Grange.  We have a highly trained, compassionate and friendly staff. Each suite has an emergency call and communication system for immediate assistance if required.

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