Comfortable Retirement Living in Marple Bridge

Comfortable Retirement Living in Marple BridgeSpend the golden years of your life in comfortable retirement living in Marple Bridge. At Dystlegh Grange, we believe that the earlier you make the decision to move, the more comfortable and easier it becomes. Modern theories in the field of geriatric medicine conclude that concepts like “Aging in Place” are much more effective in the case of senior citizens. The importance of having an unbroken, continuous spell in a familiar place with dignity and security in is extremely important emotionally, physically and financially. Most older people prefer to remain in their own homes for as long as possible but in many cases, this may not be practical. Hence, it’s wiser to move into a retirement home when you’re still able to make the change and enjoy it too.

We provide several attractive options at Dystlegh Grange. In Marple Bridge, comfortable retirement living can be either on a long or short term basis. It could be for a holiday with friends, or while you’re recovering from an illness or surgery. You can enjoy the benefits and assistance provided at our facility by our trained, qualified and friendly team. Our warmth and training make you feel completely at home, secure and comfortable. You can live as independently as you wish, based on your own individual needs and preferences. Apart from hospital treatments, we are fully geared to provide all facilities, including End of Life care. If as time goes by, your skills and mobility become impaired or reduced, you can be cared for in your own home, 24×7, here at the Grange. We work closely with local GPs and Home Nursing services to ensure that you get all the relevant NHS services.

A comfortable retirement living in Marple Bridge, along with people of your own age can be an enriching experience. Retirement communities like ours provide the best environment for you. If this interests you, contact us today for more information. It’s free from the demands and stress of daily life and is designed keeping the requirements of senior citizens in mind. Transportation, health and nutrition, group outings, entertainment, privacy, safety and top-quality medical care are all taken care of.

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