Assisted Living Facilities in Cheadle

Assisted Living Facilities in CheadleThe right assisted living facilities in Cheadle can help you make the best of the golden years in comfort and luxury, safety and peace. At Dystlegh Grange, we believe that these are the years when you need to enjoy a well-deserved rest, with the right support and companionship. Managing the changes that life, health and events bring during the course of time can be difficult and challenging, especially if you have to make such important changes yourself. Dystlegh Grange offers a variety of options, including short stay for a temporary respite while recovering from surgery, illness or when your care-giver is on a break. You can also come to us for a lovely holiday with your senior friends and enjoy all the benefits and facilities available.

We have an outstanding reputation in the community for the excellence of our facilities and services. In Cheadle assisted living facilities may be available in many other places, but for complete support, the warmth and training of our staff, safe environment and comfort provided, we’re a class apart! With the exclusion of hospital treatment, we are capable of taking care of End of Life care and we work in close collaboration with local G.P’s, nursing staff and the NHS services. Retirement homes have definitely shed their gloomy, dreary and depressing image of yore. The higher life expectancy that’s available today due to better health-care and nutrition mean that people are living longer.

Hence, modern assisted living facilities in Cheadle and other places range from cosy, cheery cottages to modern apartments and condos, designed specifically for seniors. For more information about our assisted living facilities, contact Dystlegh Grange. While selecting the right one, make sure you research the facilities, reputation of those who own and run it, payment options, safety, profile of other residents, comfort and whether it suits your personality. In some cases, you may not get a loan from building societies or banks to fund the purchase or lease. You may either have to rent the property or use your savings to fund the purchase. You will also have to pay for  regular maintenance charges, repairs, taxes, and utilities. Whatever your preferences, we can provide information and advice on selecting the option that’s right for you.

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