Senior Retirement Living in Marple Bridge

Senior Retirement Living in Marple BridgeOur older family members deserve the best senior retirement living in Marple Bridge, especially after a life of work. This is why we at Dystlegh Grange focus on offering the support, companionship and accommodation needed to make this transition into later life easy. Often times, moving home at this late stage in life is met with mixed feelings, and there are many different homes to choose from. However, we are confident that Dystlegh Grange is the best choice for you. To ensure that we are a match, we offer a limited stay option, which allows you to try out the home and see how you like it. This option is also open on holidays, following illness or for post-operation care.

Thanks to our luxurious accommodation in Marple Bridge, senior retirement living can be very enjoyable. Our main premise is located on the former nineteenth hole of the local Golf Club, and through a programme of imaginative design and development we have built it into a veritable blend of comfort and fine living. Our suites are designed with homeliness and spaciousness in mind, and the attention to detail is second to none. We have two types of suites: the Chatsworth Open Plan Studio and the Lyme Apartment. Each suite varies in cost and size, and each one comes with its own patio and balcony. We also have rooms suited for couple.

Visit the Grange today, and see what luxury senior retirement living in Marple Bridge looks like. Understanding the need for a sense of community and the chance to socialise, we have designed our premise to look like a neighborhood with many sitting and dining areas in which to congregate. The list of possible activities is almost endless. You could bake, play the piano, listen to music, share coffee in the morning with family and friends, and many more. For more information about our senior retirement living facilities, contact Dystlegh Grange. We always strive to make your stay at the Grange feel like home, whether that means creating luxurious living spaces, or thriving social areas.

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