Retirement Homes in Mobberley

Retirement Homes in MobberleyRetirement homes in Mobberley can be a new beginning. Your home is very possibly the same one that you raised your children in and is now far too big for you to manage by yourself. We supply as much or as little care as you choose. Your suite is cleaned for you and your laundry is done. You are welcome to bring any furniture with you that you choose. The suites are available for single people or couples and there is so much to keep you interested all day. We have beautiful gardens where you can sit and enjoy the outdoors or read in the sun.  Each suite has a balcony or patio where you can have tea or drinks with friends.

Why spend your retirement in a home that is too big for you to manage?  In Mobberley, retirement homes such as ours gives you all the freedom you want without the hard work and worry. You can have your family around to visit or even to stay over.  They are welcome to eat with you in your apartment or in our dining room. Your rooms have basic facilities where you can prepare a simple breakfast and tea if you want.  Tea and coffee can also be brought to your room if you choose. If you are frail we will make sure that we keep an eye on you by visiting you once or twice a day to make sure you are well cared for.

Retirement Homes in Mobberley can be fun.  Many of our residents gather to chat over tea and enjoy each other’s company.  Contact Dystlegh Grange today and arrange to come for a visit. You will fall in love with the relaxed easy living we offer.  If you no longer drive we have a service that will take you to the shops or to doctor’s appointments. Our staff are caring and offer all the support you need. We have recently received a CQC (Care Quality Commission) rating of outstanding.  This is one of the highest ratings available.

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