Assisted Living in Poynton

Assisted living in PoyntonAssisted living in Poynton can rejuvenate you. As we get older, we sometimes need help to enable us to live comfortably.We can offer you a number of different suites that are charming, full of character and style. These homely rooms offer you privacy and allow you to carry on with your daily life with as much or as little help as you need. Housekeeping takes care of the laundry and cleaning of your suite as well as collecting the garbage. We have a wonderful dining room where you can have delicious healthy meals if you so choose. You can also cook in your suite if you enjoy making your own meals. You are welcome to have guests to dine with you in the dining room.

When the time comes to retire in Poynton, assisted living facilities can give you a new lease on life. We organise social groups of likeminded individuals for various different activities. You may enjoy knitting or playing cards or just enjoy a chat over coffee. You can choose to socialise as much or as little as you wish. Our gardens have been designed with private nooks where you can sit in the sun and read in peace or just watch the wildlife enjoy the garden with you. We cater for single people as well as couples and you may bring some of your treasured possessions with you to ensure you feel at home.

Assisted living in Poynton can be fun. Contact Dystlegh Grange today or visit us for a few days to see how wonderful it can be living in our wonderful suits and glorious gardens. We offer short term stays with us as holidays or post operative convalescence or just to help you get over an illness and gain your strength. Once you have experienced the charm of living with us you may decide that the time has come to down size and retire to a place that caters for your every need. Welcome to the new way of aging gracefully.

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