Retirement Homes in Marple

Enjoy your go,_Greater_Manchesterlden years in lovely retirement homes in Marple provided by Dystlegh Grange. As the leader in providing premium services for older people, we believe that each person has the right to choose their lifestyle and make decisions about their future. With a wide range of care and support options open, we ensure that our residents and their loved ones enjoy complete peace of mind, security and comfort. Dystlegh Grange offers Retirement Care Suites that are individual homes with 24×7 support. Our accommodation comprises apartments or bed-sit suites. They’re ideally suited for long or short stay, respite care, holidays or post-operative convalescence. If you’re anxious about whether this is the right option for you, we invite you to come for a short stay before you make the final decision to move.

Pricing and rates are based on the kind of option you choose. In Marple, retirement homes like Dystlegh Grange are the perfect choice for senior citizens who value their independence. Older people who enjoy the company of their peers and would like value for their money would find our facilities ideal. There are different schemes available to suit your financial status, preferences, needs dietary and health requirements. Your own doctor, medication and personal health-care options can be continued if you’re not moving to our facilities from a different location. Complete NHS benefits are available to all residents. All our suites are connected to BT so you can have your own personal telephone with your own number if you wish.

Pet lovers rejoice! Our retirement home in Marple allows you to keep your furry friends with you while you’re with us. If you like going out, we provide a comfortable car to take you shopping, visiting friends, to a concert, show or restaurant. Visitors are welcome and you can have them stay overnight too if needed. If you are interested in more information about our retirement homes, contact Dystlegh Grange.  Many of our residents prefer to do their own laundry and this can be arranged if required. You’re also free to practice your own religion, bring your own favorite pieces of furniture, pictures, ornaments, and artifacts so you’ll feel completely at home.

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