Senior Retirement Living in Mobberley

Senior Retirement Living in MobberleySenior retirement living in Mobberley is designed exclusively for seniors, generally those aged 55 and over. If you feel overwhelmed by constant maintenance of your home, cut off from shops, or simply want more companionship with others your age, a senior retirement living facility may be a good option. Finding the right place to live can be challenging for both you and your family. Consider the opportunities for retirement living that Dystlegh Grange has to offer.

Moving to a new home can be difficult. In Mobberley, senior retirement living can sound like a difficult challenge. Change can be hard, especially when leaving a home that you have stayed in for many years. At Dystlegh Grange, we understand this and will make you feel welcome and at home. Originally the “nineteenth hole” of the local golf club, it has been transformed and redesigned into comfortable and attractive accommodation. There are two types of suites available – the Lyme Apartment and the Chatsworth Open Plan Studio. Each suite is unique and individual in style, and both have a spacious homely atmosphere. The suites vary in size and cost, each with its own balcony or patio.

For more information about affordable senior retirement living in Mobberley, contact Dystlegh Grange. Meals in our dining room include freshly prepared nutritious and tasty food by our talented team of chefs. We offer a daily menu that reflects preferences and suggestions, as well as a larder menu that has an excellent range of alternatives. The dining room is a wonderful area where you can catch up on news with friends, and a time for sharing with others. We also encourage you to invite your family to share your meal times with you. Pay us a visit and have a look at the options available to you.

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