Assisted Living in Wilmslow

Assisted Living in WilmslowWe know that assisted living in Wilmslow at Dystlegh Grange is a big step. Well, we have all made tough decisions before. Often the most sensible ones moved us forward. Perhaps it is harder to move forward at this stage of our life because we have so much more to leave behind. Or maybe the move is easier because we have so much to leave behind. How about the maintenance bills for work like grass cutting, light fixture cleaning and remember, the bathtub cleaning was never easy. For some, even the things they can do, they really do not care to do anymore. Grocery shopping and cooking are big ones. Keeping track of the monthly bills and paying them is another.

The list of daily chores is endless for older adults living on their own but the energy level is not. In Wilmslow, assisted living offers an option. You can opt out of all the things that take your time and energy at home and spend it as you choose at Dystlegh Grange. It is your currency but since it’s limited, you should only be using it for that which you find gratifying. Everyone has their own idea of what that would look like. Some would relish long lazy mornings with coffee and a good book without feeling guilty. Others are glad to leave the chores to someone else so they can spend their time volunteering. When you don’t have to clean or pay bills you can say yes to lunch with friends and afterwards enjoy a nap. It’s all guilt free.

Assisted living in Wilmslow gives many of us what we have been trying to achieve all of our lives; free time unfettered by a load of responsibility. Contact Dystlegh Grange today to find out more about our assisted living options. Dystlegh Grange is a beautiful light and airy place to spend the free time you have earned. Visit for a day and enjoy the beautiful landscaped view from the many large windows or take a stroll through the grounds. Our interior design is cheerful and so is our staff. Dystlegh Grange staff is not supplied by agencies. We have built our own remarkable staff with qualified people so we have a minimum of employee turnover. We offer two levels of assistance to choose from, depending on how much help is wanted.

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