Senior Retirement Living in Marple

Senior retirement living in MarpleSenior retirement living in Marple might be the perfect solution if your elderly relative is living alone. While living alone is something most people don’t mind, it is when they become ill or forgetful that it could become a problem. Even the healthiest of people are prone to accidents, and while most of us can recover easily, it is the older generation who are at risk of severe injuries should they fall or have an accident. If the person is living alone, and is not visited regularly, this could prove to be a serious situation.

In Marple, senior retirement living is an ideal alternative to living alone. Dystlegh Grange offers comfortable and carefully designed suites on a beautiful property with well-tended gardens. There are two main types of suites on offer, the Chatsworth Open Plan Studio and the Lyme Apartment. On the premises, there is a wonderful mix of social areas, conservatories, dining areas and many cosy nooks that can be enjoyed with family and friends. When elderly relatives are still too independent for full-time nursing home care, some may need a much lesser degree of help with daily tasks. These tasks include bathing, cooking, eating, changing clothes and getting safely into and out of the bathtub. Dystlegh Grange provides this level of care with their compassionate and friendly staff.

Senior retirement living in Marple can include all your relative’s hobbies and social events. At Dystlegh Grange, a large number of programmes are offered to the residents. Whether they want to play the piano, try their hand at baking, visit friends or have family to visit, Dystlegh Grange aims to support residents in creating and maintaining their own home where a fulfilling, comfortable and secure lifestyle can be enjoyed. If you are looking for options for senior retirement living for your relative, contact Dystlegh Grange for more information.

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