Assisted Living Facilities in Woodford

assisted living facilities in WoodfordIf you have a parent who should no longer live alone, assisted living facilities in Woodford may be a good alternative. You can find a place that will allow them to live as independently as possible. They can have their own apartment, with the ability to prepare their own meals, or they could eat in the dining room at the facility. Most assisted living facilities have social activities for the residents to take part in, if they choose to. Many have daily bus trips to the shopping areas or movie theatres. There are activities at the facility that allows them to socialise with their neighbours as well.

In Woodford, assisted living facilities are provided at Dystlegh Grange. They have an outstanding reputation for care and support. They have a support team with a range of skills and personalities who are dedicated to creating a safe and comfortable place for residents to live. Your parent can live as independently as they wish. The facility provides clean linen each week and there is a laundry facility available for personal use by the residents. Weekly apartment cleaning is provided by the facility also. Residents can meet together in community areas to talk and socialise. There is entertainment on a regular basis right at the facility. Call them and schedule a tour of the facility. The friendly staff will answer any questions you have.

Assisted living facilities in Woodford can provide a safe, secure place for your loved one. As we age, sometimes having a little bit of specialised assistance can be just what we need. Living independently in a community of friends can be a very nice way to retire. Your loved one will be looked after with love and care. For more information about assisted living facilities, contact Dystlegh Grange.

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