Assisted Living Facilities in Woodford

Assisted Living Facilities in WoodfordWe at Dystlegh Grange with assisted living facilities in Woodford suggest you approach assisted living as you have the many other uncertainties and changes in your life. At first, the thought is uncomfortable, it seems like a lot of trouble, then you do it and soon you are wondering why you feared the change. You will frequently reminisce on daily life in your old home and think to yourself “I’m glad I do not have to do that anymore” or “ thankfully that is someone else’s worry now”.  Your adult children will envy you the luxury of freedom from so many of the tedious chores that make up daily life.

In Woodford, assisted living facilities at Dystlegh Grange means that you no longer have to worry about the grass and weeds, clearing snow from walkways, roof repairs, and furnace or air conditioning failures. There is no need for grocery shopping, meal planning and cooking. You do not have to clean and do laundry. If you need assistance with transportation or accompaniment to a doctor appointment, you do not have to bother your children or grandchildren. As we age, we have less energy, so why waste it on tedious household tasks and then drop with exhaustion.

As a resident of Dystlegh Grange’s assisted living facilities in Woodford, there are activities to spend your time and energy on that are more enjoyable than household tasks. Read, listen to music, lunch with friends or family, shop for fun, pursue hobbies and learn new things. If you want to spend time with other resident’s, playing cards or watching movies, you can but if you want time to yourself, it is yours. Meanwhile, your new home is bright and beautifully decorated. Friendly staff members are always available to help you as much or as little as you choose. Your meals are fresh and well prepared as they would be in a restaurant. Monitoring and medical assistance is always at hand. Home is where you are safe, cared for and free to pursue your interests. When you have raised a family and provided for a household, you deserve this time to enjoy your new home without the burdens. If you are interested in assisted living facilities, contact Dystlegh Grange.

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