Assisted Living Facilities in Cheadle

Assisted Living Facilities in CheadleCare, compassion and respect is part of the assisted living facilities in Cheadle on offer at Dystlegh Grange.  Old folk don’t come to simply live out their last days, they come to enjoy life to the full and be cared for in beautiful surroundings which are conducive to well being and happiness. Increasing age may well bring on a host of long term medical conditions such as frailty and dementia, but these problems are dealt with in such a way so as to allow people to live with independence for as long as possible. It is small wonder that many people come to Dystlegh Grange to re-energise and to enjoy the tranquil surroundings and therapeutic nature of the place.

In Cheadle, assisted living facilities have an exceptional reputation for care and this shines through with each member of staff at to Dystlegh Grange . They are well trained with a mix of skills and talents who make it their mission to create a safe, warm, therapeutic and comfortable environment. They are also qualified to provide End of Life Care. As health declines, these superb assisted living facilities have the resources to care for those who are particularly frail with round the clock care. The nursing staff at Dystlegh Grange work with the local doctors and community nursing services to ensure the best treatment at all times.

The beauty about assisted living facilities in Cheadle is that the transformed local Golf Club is a far cry from the dark, unimaginative old age homes from the past. Spacious, light and airy, each suite is stylish, and the balconies and patios lend themselves to outdoor relaxation. The facilities offer wonderful sitting and dining areas where one can either be alone or with others. The beauty about Dystlegh Grange is that it is set up for everyone to enjoy the lifestyle they want.  Suitable for individuals and couples, the entire set up at Dystlegh Grange is cheerful, warm and inviting. For bright and caring assisted living facilities, contact Dystlegh Grange.

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