Assisted Living Facilities in Poynton

Assisted Living Facilities in Poynton

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One has to carefully consider the choices available when searching for assisted living facilities in Poynton. We provide the best 24 hour supportive care along with high standards set in a warm welcoming atmosphere. To find out exactly what the Grange has to offer residents pay a visit to our website and browse through our lifestyle gallery. We provide residents with an interesting mixture of sitting, social and dining options that are innovatively designed to meet your expectations. Housekeeping staff is available to assist with cleaning and laundry and we provide fully furnished suits that include private apartments and open plan studios. We offer sufficient support, companionship and purpose that is a great option proving a home away from home.

In Poynton, assisted living facilities provide a safe comfortable environment along with the very best support and care. All your individual needs are taken care of and we also help you to live independently. We also provide end of life care that does not include hospital treatment. We work alongside local doctors and local community nursing services should your mobility or health deteriorate. Our highly qualified staff members assist and support our resident’s hobbies and interests. Residents have the option to engage in a mentally and physically active lifestyle with varied leisure schedules that allow you to do as much or as little as you choose.

Has the time arrived where you need to secure assisted living facilities in Poynton that will provide you with support and companionship? We at the Grange can provide you with short or long term benefits as well as an attractive range of accommodation options. Our residents are entertained regularly and we also provide weekly outings and activities. At your disposal are beauty therapists and hairdressers on a weekly basis. We also provide home care 24 hours a day for residents that become impaired. Various local clubs and societies pay regular visits and provide a fabulous selection of interesting lectures and entertainment. We respect the individual needs of our residents and provide full support which is why our reputation precedes most other assisted living facilities. Contact Dystlegh Grange for more on assisted living facilities.

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