Find Retirement Care in New Mills

Find Retirement Care in New MillsHas the time come where you need to find retirement care in New Mills that provides companionship, great support and that offers a safe comfortable environment that is a home away from home? Offering an attractive safe range of accommodation options, Dystlegh Grange can provide you with short and long term benefits and assistance that you are searching for. Dystlegh Grange respects each individual’s independence but at the same provides full support and takes care of your individual needs. They have a fantastic reputation that precedes most other homes. The staff members are highly trained, warm and obliging and work uncompromisingly to create a comfortable safe environment for their residents. They have created an interesting mix of cosy social, dining, sitting and conservatory areas that are innovatively designed and arranged in a home away from home style.

In New Mills, find retirement care that offers a range of wonderful options that exceeds your expectations. Dystlegh Grange provides two types of suites, the Chatsworth open plan studio and the Lyme apartment that are all private, spacious, and individual in style and character. Depending on your needs, there are two options to choose from which provide a wide range of supportive care including social and entertainment options. You have the choice to have a vacation or opt for full time residency. Suites are fully furnished, or you can bring your own and housekeeping staff are available to take care of your cleaning and laundry. There are various dining options that include daily nutritious meals as well as drinks and snacks throughout the day in beautiful varied settings.

To find retirement care in New Mills that provides the highest standards and the best 24 hour supportive care with a warm welcoming happy atmosphere is not difficult. Dystlegh Grange offers a comprehensive range of services and transport that includes visits to hospital, dentists, shopping and much more. They provide personal sensitive care 24//7 and end of life care, bathing assistance, emotional and nutritional support and the list is endless. Dystlegh Grange provides the highest quality standards possible which makes them unique and sets them apart from their competitors. They will gladly help you with any information or advice you require to make a positive decision. To find out more give them a call today and they will be happy to help.

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