Retirement Care in Disley

Retirement Care in DisleyLooking for exceptional retirement care in Disley that’s friendly, provides individual support and care and has an unequalled reputation? Our residential home is in a class of its own that provides sheltered flat accommodation and in addition, a nursing home. There are 2 types of suites, Chatsworth and Lyme that are innovatively designed and have their own unique character that allows you personal control and privacy. Majority of people that come to our residential home, whether it be for convalescence or rehabilitation, a lifetime tenancy or vacation have come on the auspice of personal recommendations. Our residential home provides a home away from home that offers a level of support to suit your individual needs.

In Disley, retirement care provides accommodation options that are on ground level and first floor with lifts linking the floors. Most suites open directly on to private patios or on to the beautiful gardens and first floor terraces. Planning ahead for long term retirement care is vital as there is a good chance you will require long term care services from the age of 65 onwards. Planning ahead allows one to have more control over their future and creates a fulfilling life and something to look forward to. Our retirement accommodation is well proportioned and set around conservatories, spacious sitting rooms, a spa room and dining areas.

Retirement care in Disley offers the finest care and support options 24 hours a day to suit all individual needs. We offer several attractive dining areas, a grill and bakery where you can enjoy well prepared food, and your own choice of company. Planning ahead also means less financial and emotional stress on your family. You can involve your family in decisions without having to depend on them to carry the burden alone. The benefits of planning ahead ensures greater independence should you require retirement care. However, there are many that do realise the importance of planning ahead, but are not sure how to go about it. We can give you professional advice and our friendly staff will answer any questions to help you choose the option you may want to consider.

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