Dining at Dystlegh

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Standards at the Grange are high! Our talented team of chefs enjoy preparing fresh, nutritious and tasty food. With ‘personal choice’ at the heart of the Grange, there’s a Daily Menu that reflects preferences and suggestions alongside a Larder Menu that offers an excellent range of alternatives. Of course, we also cater for special diets and can provide you with your favourite brands.


“My granddaughter loves spending time with me over a meal.”

We are proud of the quality of our food and fresh produce. Fruit and vegetables are delivered or collected daily, together with freshly baked bread from local bakeries, and a renowned local butcher ensures that our meat is of the highest quality. For most of us, however, it’s also about the social aspect of dining. It’s a chance to catch up and a time for sharing with others – whether it be companions, or friends and family. With the appeal of such a warm, welcoming and happy atmosphere, you’ll find the presence of friends and relatives at the Grange a daily occurrence.

An example Menu can be viewed here and you can see our Gallery for a selection of photos of Dystlegh Dining.